Featured Image for Taipei’s Snow King serves up pig knuckle and sesame oil chicken ice cream

Taipei’s Snow King serves up pig knuckle and sesame oil chicken ice cream

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite flavor of ice cream. Mint chocolate chip means you’re ambitious and confident, while strawberry ice cream lovers are thought to be logical and sincere. There’s no real science behind ice cream flavor and personality type, which is a good thing, considering Taipei’s Snow King serves up the most extraordinary, bizarre and sometimes over-the-top flavors.

This ice cream shop has been in business since 1947 and serves more than 70 flavors of homemade ice cream. Some of the flavors? Try a scoop of Taiwan beer ice cream. Or maybe you’re looking for something more savory? Pig knuckle and sesame oil chicken will hit the spot. Like your ice cream fiery? Order a scoop of wasabi and a scoop of pepper. There’s also tofu, pork floss and liquor-flavored ice cream flavors to try.


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