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This wearable camera lets you save your best moments after they happen

It’s all happened to us: that great moment in our lives when something great pops up and happens, only for it to go away as quickly as it appears while we think, ‘Damn, wish I had my camera out at that time. Well, Memini, the world’s first wearable camera that lets you save your best moments in high-def video, solves that problem.

Manufactured by an Auckland-based company, the device automatically captures your moments as footage that you can then adjust anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes upon pressing its ‘recall’ button.

One full charge lets the camera run for three hours, and you can wear the camera discreetly anywhere on your clothes so you never have to take yourself out of a special moment just to actively document and replay that moment later. Even better: the camera is wifi-enabled and comes with cloud-based storage so there is no need to watch hours of unwanted footage, mess with cords or the such. You can even store and share moments easily right after they take place.

Its crowdfunding run is now up on Kickstarter, where all 250 early bird spots for pledging $149 worth of support in exchange for the first batch of meMINI cameras have been snapped up.

wearable camera
wearable camera

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