by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Tuesday 21 January 2014

Before Iran was labeled as one of the ‘axis of evil’ and before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran was a very different place. The Shah at the time ‘aspired to build a Las Vegas-style tourist trap to bring in international dollars and provide a haven for Iran’s elite’. And guess what? This place is still open.

It’s a place named Kish Island and in 1989, the government declared Kish a ‘free zone,’ meaning there are no taxes, no visas required to enter, and a ‘more lax enforcement of moral laws.’ Oh, and it just happens to be the place where kidnapped American Robert Levinson was taken.

Vice contributor Ryan P. McCarthy took the trip out to Kish Island to experience non-alcoholic malt beverages and comedy. Take a look at these pictures he produced of his trip and a read of his adventure – all very interesting, if not a little bizarre.

Via Vice