Featured Image for Dreamy Star Wars and Harry Potter travel posters

Dreamy Star Wars and Harry Potter travel posters

While we may never ever experience going to a galaxy far, far away or attending a prestigious school of wizardry in our lifetime, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little bit. With these dreamy and colourful Star Wars- and Harry Potter-inspired travel posters by designer and illustrator Caroline Hadilaksono, the places in their stories become must-see tourist destinations.

She imagined the Ewok Village to be a sort of theme park where people can do outdoor activities. As for Dagobah, kids would go to a camp where they can be Padawans and hear stories of Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

With the Harry Potter posters, Caroline hopes that one day the magical world will also be accessible by non-magical people. In the posters, she imagines muggles experiencing the wizarding world and all its splendour in Hogwarts, the Quidditch World Cup, and The Hogwarts Express.

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Caroline Hadilaksono travel posters
Caroline Hadilaksono travel posters
Caroline Hadilaksono travel posters

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