by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Monday 20 January 2014

Dogs in Cars is a series by Los Angeles-based photographer Lara Jo Regan, in which she captures the happy and drool-filled smiles of man’s best friend while they stick their head out of car windows. All dogs go nuts at the idea of having the wind on their face and fur while dangerously sticking their head out of a moving vehicle, so as a dog owner herself, the idea for the project came natural to Regan.

She says, “I usually try to come up with ideas that are somewhat odd and complex to insure no one else is doing the same thing. But as an owner of three dogs living in the Los Angeles car culture, the idea was just staring me in the face. Most dogs become downright delirious over a car ride, and I wanted to capture this amazing primal energy in photographs beyond what I’d seen before.”

She took the photos of the dogs with the help of a driver, a person to secure the dogs, and sometimes another driver so they could shoot “car-to-car.” Which of the dog breeds has the most fans? Of course, it’s always going to be the most goofy-looking. And none looked goofier than the three pugs in an old Volvo. Regan says, “A pug is naturally hilarious, but three of those faces slobbering in unison out the window of a moving car is an off-the-charts gut buster.”

Via Laughing Squid