by Rachel Oakley in New Design on Saturday 18 January 2014

If your musical instrument case says something about you, then Etro’s new signature line of guitar cases will say something incredibly posh. The luxury label is most known for their iconic paisley designs that fetch quite a pretty penny in the fashion market.

But now Etro is introducing a limited run of leather guitar cases with ‘eclectic hand-tooled details inspired by charreria (Mexican rodeo), the national sport of Mexico.’ Each guitar case is crafted using traditional Mexican saddle-making techniques, including ‘hot-iron branding to apply Etro’s signature paisley motif to the aged and waxed leather exterior.’

Two models are being released in the U.S. this month and prices are upon request. Seeing as an Etro shirt can cost in the hundreds, these guitar cases will be very, very costly and probably won’t be seen all around town just yet. But they sure are nice to look at!

Via Robb Report