Featured Image for Handmade ceramics that will make you go aww

Handmade ceramics that will make you go aww

Can you imagine eating cereal out of this adorable cat bowl? Or serving hot soup in a cute little itty-bitty whale or hedgehog? Meals will never be the same again when you’re dining with these sleepy critters.

Warsaw-based ceramic artist Marta Turowska sells these fantastical handmade items from her Etsy shop called Clay Opera. She creates these animal bowls and plates completely by hand on a potter’s wheel, then painting on the fine details later on.

On her Etsy page she says, ‘I am passionate for clay, glazes and paints. Each mug, salter or plater coming out of my workshop has its own story, different inspiration. Each of my items has its individual character that I want to share with their future owners’.

Via My Modern Met

marta turowska clay opera
marta turowska clay opera
marta turowska clay opera

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