by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Friday 17 January 2014

Be endeared. Be fascinated. Be disturbed. Yeah, mostly be disturbed. ‘Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits’ is a 224-page book by photographer Matthew Rolston, in which he features a rarely seen collection of ventriloquist dummies over at the Vent haven Museum in Kentucky. Rolston was reading the ‘New York Times’ one day and happened to see a story by Edward Rothstein about the dummies of the Vent Haven Museum.

Rolston then paid a visit to the collection, and felt a connection with the dolls. With more than 700 dummies on display, Rolston took only 250 on-site photos, then chose the 100 strongest images in the lot.

Rolston says, ‘I wanted to photograph the figures that ‘spoke’ to me in a more personal way. This collection of portraits is not about the history of ventriloquism. Instead, it is a personal response to the emanations of humanity that come from these terribly evocative inanimate objects’.

He also says that reaction to the series has been mostly positive, but with many still having negative views regarding dummies. ‘It seems that the image of the evil or demonized dummy is very much part of popular consciousness due to a number of rather clichéd books and films’, he said.

Yes, Chucky and bride, you guys are to blame for all these misunderstood dolls!

Via Junk Culture