by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Thursday 16 January 2014

Don’t worry guys, you won’t need tissues for this one. There’s no Ellie moment here, I promise. Here’s a cute and adorable Up-inspired anniversary photo shoot for a couple that’s been married for 61 years. You see, though they’ve been married for so long, they’ve only had one photo from their wedding because their photographer stood them up (YOU HAD ONE JOB, MR. PHOTOGRAPHER. ONE JOB).

To remedy this, granddaughter and event designer, Lauren Wells, arranged a photo shoot for her Nina and Gramps.

The shoot had Up elements like the suitcases, the piggybank jar, and definitely, the balloons. Russell wasn’t included, but we’ll let it pass. The photos will be presented to the happy couple on Christmas Day.

Ok guys, I was wrong. Cry. Cry a lot. Shed some tears of joy in the name of love!

Via My Modern Met