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Classic oil paintings of cats as royalty

Uzbekistan-based digital artist Eldar Zakirov takes cats and casts them in classical oil paintings. We know how high and mighty our feline pals can get, but this stylized treatment really takes their snootiness to a new height.

UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peek of our exclusive interview with cat oil painting master himself, Eldar Zakirov! [you can read the full interview here.]

We all know the internet is crazy for cats, how was the reception to your series of cats in classical oil paintings? Any funny reactions from fans?

Yeah! As I posted these portraits on the web, the public response was extremely positive and lively. Sometimes my friends send me links to online articles about my cats and the first time I was so surprised. One of the most interesting tales, associated with these portraits, was the report about how these portraits were created which made by one of the largest Russian TV channels. It was filmed in the basements of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, where there isn’t free access and where those cats live. Do you know that there is the “Gently, cats” warning road sign near the Museum, because Hermitage cats go out and cross the road?

And now I still receive e-mails from cat lovers: some of them just say about their love of cats, and one explained his visions about future portraits.

Cat royalty painting
Cat royalty painting
Cat royalty painting
Cat royalty painting
Cat royalty painting

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