by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Gathering of the Juggalos is a photography book by Daniel Cronin, in which he documents the subculture of Juggalos in a neutral and humanizing light. You see, Juggalos have been rather misrepresented in the media.

People hate them for their creepy makeup, their music, their spider-legs hair style, among others. Cronin attended the Juggalos annual celebration at Hogrock Campgrounds in Illinois in 2010 to capture portraits and try to shed some light on this subculture.

He says: ‘I think the first year I was a little overwhelmed with it all, but the second year I was definitely comfortable and knew how to approach it. There were only two times where I got confronted by people telling me to get the fuck out of here, but that’s fair. When I had the camera out on the tripod and was walking around, I wouldn’t go near the open air drug markets, because I don’t want to photograph that anyway. It’d just be more photos of Juggalos using drugs, which are all over, plus there are drugs at every music festival. It’s not unique. I didn’t want to violate that space. I think it’s cool that they don’t allow photography near the drugs. They want people to feel safe with what they are doing.

‘I completely understand that they’ve been shat on by the media before. To them, I’m just another guy with a camera who’s going to misrepresent them’.

Via Fast Co. Design