by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Monday 13 January 2014

Next time you happen to see a tarantula crawling around the home, instead of screaming, you may just start thinking of a delicious tempura side dish made with this eight-legged arthropod. Chef David George Gordan is behind this new ‘trend’, where bees, termites and even hornworms are on the menu. Gordan has been cooking with bugs since 1997 and has just released a new book titled (what else?) The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook.

He compares the trend to sushi where ‘a century ago, no one wanted to eat raw fish, but ‘now you can spend your entire paycheck at a sushi bar’. And while chomping down on grasshoppers might not be a new trend (it’s a delicacy in places like Mexico and Uganda), you might be a little surprised with some of the other bug ingredients the chef has cooked with: ants, water bugs and those incredibly delicious cockroaches.

Via NY Daily News