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What shades of blue are the big websites using? You tell us via this online game

Blue is the most used colour on the Internet. Facebook is doing it, Twitter is doing it, LinkedIn is doing it. Everyone is doing it. But every shade of blue is unique and the tricky part is distinguishing between the different ones.

That’s where Name That Blue comes in. It’s an Internet game to satisfy all your nerdy cravings. Designed by Australian Colin Gourlay, the game shows you a shade of blue; you then have to decide which company it belongs to. Behance or Tello, Tumblr or IBM, Dropbox or Facebook. You may actually be surprised by how easily you get them correct.


About the author

Cormack is a young writer/photographer from Newcastle who shot his first music festival at age fifteen. When he’s not writing or photographing, you’ll find him stumbling around gigs in Sydney and Newcastle or soaking up culture and coffee in Melbourne.