X-ray shots of nature by Dutch physicist Arie van’t Riet

Dutch physicist-artist Arie van’t Riet takes us on an in depth – very much the understatement – look at the beauty of nature, both inside and out. An expert on radiation physics, Van’t Riet first attempted X-ray paintings when a colleague asked him to shoot a painting. When that worked out fine, that led him to X-raying more subjects, like plants and animals.

He’s continued shooting different subjects in X-ray, then digitizing and colouring the black &  white images in Photoshop. The final product, he fondly calls, ‘Bioramas’.

Not to worry, the organisms in the bioramas were not affected by the radiation, as most were already dead to begin with.

‘Looking with X-ray eyes to nature. That’s what I like to experience with my X-ray camera. I prefer X-ray objects of ordinary scenes like a butterfly nearby a flower, a fish in the ocean, a mouse in the field, a haron along the riverside, a bird in a tree’, says Van’t Riet.

Via One Green Planet

Arie van’t Riet nature xrays
Arie van’t Riet nature xrays
Arie van’t Riet animal xrays 4
Arie van’t Riet nature xrays
Arie van’t Riet nature xrays

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