Trekkie fan spent $30,000 to make her home look like the USS Enterprise

Starfleet Command, I think we just found the mother of all Trekkies. Line Rainville is a devoted fan of the popular and generation-changing 1960s series ‘Star Trek’. So much that she spent $30,000 in various redecorations of her home to transform it into a replica of the USS Enterprise Bridge. At first, she remodeled her basement/home theatre, but eventually, every other room in the house caught the makeover fever.

Now her bathroom, bedroom (modelled after Spock’s quarters), kitchen, and living room, are all Enterprise-themed. And as if that wasn’t enough, she also has her own transporter room. Scotty, please beam this lady up, she definitely deserves it!

Go over to DVICE to see more of Line’s home photos.

starship enterprise replica home
starship enterprise replica home
starship enterprise replica home

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