by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Friday 10 January 2014

Here is a cemetery like no other. Located in the small Romanian town of Sapanta, the Merry Cemetery as it’s now called, is home to gravestones that use the first person singular and the present tense to give ‘the voice of the deceased an existence’ that seems to continue, ‘interrupted but not stopped by death’.

New York-based photographer Peter Kayafas visited the small village of Sapanta and snapped the carved graves which preserve humor, tragedy and humanity in their epitaphs.

Some graves talk about tragic accidents and long illness occurring, while others sound somewhat regretful, like the grave of Dumitru Holdis: ‘He who likes plum brandy well, will fare like me, for much I loved my brandy, and with bottle in hand I died.’

Via Peter Kayafas