by Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Friday 10 January 2014

Cosmetics aren’t just for the lads anymore, thanks to Annemiek van der Beek. This Design Academy Eindhoven graduate has designed a collection of makeup that’s called Primal Skin and it’s been made to appeal to men. It’s been designed to ‘camouflage small imperfections in the complexion and accentuate the eyes’ through a set of five foundation colors, powders, eye shadows, and eye pencils.

The cosmetics are made of all-natural ingredients, too, such as coal, clay, and mineral stones, and so they must be ‘applied with specially designed tools than van der Beek says give the experience ‘a rough and sturdy touch’. Does this mean guys will soon be displaying the very embarrassing unblended foundation line, too?

Via Dezeen