Featured Image for Confectionary-like art by Shanghai artistXu Zhen

Confectionary-like art by Shanghai artistXu Zhen

Xu Zhen is a Shanghai-based artist who creates work from a range of different mediums. Under Heaven 20121018 resembles a colourful engagement of random blemishes with floral tendencies. The work is made with oil paint, which was squeezed patiently and delicately through an icing bag directly onto the canvas. Completed with great accuracy, a mixture of fine textures and patterns emerge.

We see a resemblance to the type of icing you would find on an elaborate cake. You may feel tempted to scoop the top layer with your finger and taste the decorative merging colours. While appearing to be pretty and somewhat edible, the canvas’s intentions depict the type of detailed cityscapes that you would witness as you peer down from space or from a heavenly perspective. The canvas can be seen as a reflection of our cities where we are becoming more and more tightly packed as we are forever surrounded by large towering structures.

Via White Rabbit Collection

confection flower painting
confection flower painting
confection flower painting

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