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Mr. Fox goes traveling all over the world

Mr. Fox has traveled all over the world, from the mountains of Colombia to the romantic streets of Paris and to the calming waters of Oahu. In fact, that stuffed fox has probably traveled more than the average stuffed animal – lucky guy. This stuffed toy was given to 3-year-old Jessica Johnson more than 30 years ago, and as she traveled, Mr. Fox went with her, everywhere.

The man who gave Mr. Fox to the little girl is a lifelong friend, Gary Moore, who is now facing a battle with cancer. Mr. Fox’s travels have inspired Gary’s loved-ones to help raise money for his trip of a lifetime and a Gofundme fundraiser is now in the works to get him to visit all his favorite sights.

Via The Traveling Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox goes traveling
Mr. Fox goes traveling
Mr. Fox goes traveling
Mr. Fox goes traveling

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