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London building turned upside down by Alex Chinneck

Alex Chinneck, a London-based artist and designer, has installed a fascinating piece on the street of Blackfriars Road in London. The building appears to have been turned on its head, but it’s actually an installation titled Miner on the Moon, and features windows, doors, and shop front signage all turned on their heads to create the upside down effect.

The building was originally used as a storage facility for horses and carriages, but until recently had been left as an empty shell with a colourless façade and boarded-up windows.

His goal was to create a piece that offered spectacle, but was simultaneously subtle and by using the material and architectural language of the district, the artwork has the ability to disappear into its environment without dominating it. The piece was produced as the finale to the Merge Festival 2013.

Upside down building in London by Alex Chinneck
Upside down building in London by Alex Chinneck

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