by Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Monday 6 January 2014

Biology geeks and science nerds, decorate your home with the corpses of innocent dissected frogs and mice, if you haven’t already. For the squeamish, don’t worry, no actual animals – and aliens – were opened up and bathed in formaldehyde in the making of these fantastic knitted science experiments.

Etsy user Emily Stoneking is selling various knitted dissected animals in a series she calls aKNITomy. Her selection of knitted wares include your typical science lab specimens like, a frog, a mouse, and an earthworm. Other specimens include: an alien, a bear, a rabbit, a bat, and human head.

Emily has been knitting since 2001 and she tells us on her website why she decided to take on such an interesting subject for knitting, “I love to explore the places where art and science intersect. I am also interested in using cuddly materials (like cozy knitting) to create objects that many people are usually squeamish about.”

Via io9