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Typewriter art that’s 200 feet long

Qwerty is a series by artist Pablo Gamboa Santos that you could say is pretty old school. The series is composed of 300 drawings consisting of hundreds of sheets of paper arranged side-by-side along a wall. The sheets produce an unbroken scene that spans 200 feet around a darkened room. Pretty neat. But what’s more amazing? The medium he used was a typewriter. The illustrations have layers and layers of random, garbled type that serve as background or foreground for the characters in the page. He even overlapped the text at the top to emphasize the depth of the landscape. I wonder how long it took him to make these. And where do you get a typewriter nowadays?

Via My Modern Met

qwerty by pablo santos
qwerty by pablo santos
qwerty by pablo santos
qwerty by pablo santos

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