RainCity Housing create a transit bench that turns into a shelter for those in need

RainCity Housing is a grassroots organisation built around compassion, purpose and a commitment to delivering progressive housing and support solutions for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges. To help communicate this, Spring, a Vancouver advertising agency, used basic transit benches – with a few unique modifications.

They created a transit bench that transforms into a temporary shelter for those in desperate need. When the roof is up, RainCity Housing’s address is posted on the inside, along with the message: ‘Find a home here’.

They also created an installation that was printed with UV and glow-in-the-dark ink. In the daytime, the black ink reacts to the sun and becomes legible and then vanishes in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark ink is not legible during the day, but illuminates at night.

clever outdoor advertisement

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