by Inigo del Castillo in Tech on Friday 3 January 2014

If you got a PS4 or an iPhone 5s or a new car for Christmas, be sad, be really sad. Because after you see this mind-blowing dolphin boat, you’ll never want anything else ever again. The Seabreacher is a submersible watercraft inspired by nature’s gay sharks, the dolphins. Designed to give humans a glimpse of the awesome life of a dolphin, the vehicle can jump, dive, and roll at speeds of up to 20mph underwater and 40mph on the surface. The cockpit can fit two people and comes with cozy seats and a glass top (doesn’t come with a top-down for obvious reasons).

Though as the saying goes: “All awesome dolphin-inspired things come with a hefty price tag.” Or something like that. It retails for a whopping $65,000, but hey, what’s the purpose of money if you can’t use it to buy a souped-up dolphin mobile? Other models include a killer whale and a shark that lets you jump at 90 degrees.

Via This Is Why Im Broke