by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Friday 3 January 2014

Some people just loves taking life’s difficulty level up a notch. Take for example, professional ballet dancer and trainer, Mary Helen Bowers. She’s a pretty good ballet dancer, considering she was in New York City Ballet for ten years and was Natalie Portman’s trainer for Black Swan. But what’s amazing is that she keeps on dancing while pregnant!

The photos showing her balancing on one leg and doing unbelievable poses are both amazing and concerning. Amazing because, you know, she’s tiptoeing while there’s a small human inside her. Concerning because we don’t know if babies and ballet are a good combination. We’re pretty sure Bowers got lots of positive, as well as negative, reactions from her photos. But whatever the reaction, we’re hoping her a successful delivery, as she’s about due any day now.

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Via Visual News