Featured Image for The Ultimate Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit

The Ultimate Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit

Ahh breakups. Aren’t they just the best? All that freedom, having no one to answer to … Well, I know it may not be like that for all of us, all of the time. Luckily for all you ladies (and unluckily for us boys), Australian-based design brand Her Royal Flyness have developed the ultimate ex-boyfriend revenge kit.

No, it doesn’t involve pulling out his new girls hair; you’re a lady of class after all. Encased in a woven leather tote, the teal coloured kit contains all you need for a stylishly good time: a crowbar, a balaclava, some brass knuckles, pliers, rope, tape and an all-important ‘truth serum’. The only downside is that the kit comes in at US$1,689. At that price, you may as well just order a hit on him. Well. Maybe not.


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