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Yes, this praying mantis is pink and looks like an orchid

The Orchid Mantis, also called the Walking Flower Mantis, or for you science buffs out there, Hymenopus coronatus, is a mantis that relies on flower power for survival. While the praying mantis’ favourite colour is green, the orchid mantis prefers something more feminine, the colour pink. It uses this pink camouflage to disguise itself to look like local flora in the Southeast Asian rainforest. So predators looking to have some mantis for dinner would be like: ‘Waiter, there’s an orchid in my mantis soup!’ Also, a tip for the ladies: before placing expensive looking flowers on your ear, check first for bug eyes and creepy-crawly claws!

Via Boing Boing

orchid praying mantis
orchid praying mantis
orchid praying mantis

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