by Rachel Oakley in Architecture on Friday 27 December 2013

For all of you who work in cubicles, this one’s gonna make you green with envy. Introducing San Francisco’s new Dropbox office. Designed by Geremia Design and Boor Bridges Architecture, this office space features exposed pipes, raw copper furnishings and concrete floors, plus little oddities like a ping pong ball wall in a hallway, quirky signs, and, OMG, is that an office full of Lego?

A rep. from Boor Bridges Architecture said that their design reiterated their belief ‘that all spaces – particularly the all-too-often neglected office – deserve real materials and attentive, appropriately-scaled interventions.’ In other words, the workers of Dropbox deserved a kickass space to do their work. And unless they’re hiding the stuffy cubicle spaces from us, this looks like it could be one of the greatest places to work.

Via Design Taxi