Beware, this rubber band gun can fire off 672 shots at top speed

Finally, somebody has invented one of these things we wished we had in our childhood: a lean, mean machine that can shoot 672 rubber bands in rapid speed. Ukraine-based art and design student Alex Shpetniy has constructed such a thing with birch plywood using the ‘Gatling machine gun principle’ (what?), and has already met his Kickstarter funding goal by over five times what he asked for. Obviously, that had to happen. Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t want it? No? We didn’t think so.

What was your inspiration to start this project and were there any specific pop culture influences that made you want to make a rubber band machine gun?
Several years ago, I found on the Internet a mention of rubber band machine guns. These toys are very popular in Japan. There’s even a competition to see whose gun shoots better and further. That’s where I had an idea to make my own machine gun that would be superior to analogues in technical and quality specifications. I immediately started to make the first machine guns. I have had experience of working with wood, quickly developing the first prototypes.

Did the Fast Charger come with the initial design, or did you make it after realizing that it’s hard to reload 672 rubber bands?
I did the fast charger after finishing the gun. It was necessary to solve the problem of long charging, and a month before the start of the campaign, I made a charger, which has become the main chip of the project.

Rubber gun
Rubber gun
Rubber gun
Rubber gun

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