Featured Image for Handcrafted piñatas from Mexico City’s most skilled piñateros

Handcrafted piñatas from Mexico City’s most skilled piñateros

Cuautitlán Izcalli is the place you want to be come birthday time, Christmas time, or even New Years Eve. This is the place where you’ll find ‘piñata heaven,’ where more than 50,000 piñatas are sold every year from a single family business. Making piñatas here became popular because once upon a time these celebratory must-haves were constructed from clay, which the city is rich in. Today, however, piñatas are made from paper and cardboard (so children don’t get hurt from smashing pots).

The most widely sold piñata, you ask? The ones shaped like seven-pointed stars, and of course the ones shaped like cartoon characters.

Via Vocativ

Mexico's Pinatas
Mexico's Pinatas
Mexico's Pinatas

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