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These experiments show just how unattached cats are to their owners

Bad news, cat lady–your kitty isn’t attached to you like you think. The University of Lincoln have conducted an old experiment to tell whether or not a cat is as attached to its owner as the owner is attached to its cat. Using The Strange Situation study from the 1970s, cats were put in a room with an owner and a stranger. While the cat was distracted, the owner would leave the room.

Being left with a complete stranger, the cat would then be observed for any signs of anxiety at the disappearance of its owner. And with 20 cats already ‘participating’ in the experiment, things don’t seem to be looking too rosy for cat owners. These cats don’t show any sign of distress, let alone a response, when their owners leave the room.

And yes, the experiment has been tried on dogs and the reactions are like night and day.

Via Boing Boing

A stranger plays with the cat
Dog waits for its owner
A pet owner and a stranger

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