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Flower shells: shotgun shells that plant flower seeds

Flower Shells are mankind’s latest attempt to combine gardening and reforestation with manliness. These special shells are actually shotgun shells packed with flower seeds. Instead of digging and placing seeds on the ground like what we’ve been doing since the dawn of man, you just shoot the seeds into the ground with a shotgun.

The shells come in 12 different flower varieties like: cornflower, columbine, clemantis, carnation, daisy, lavender, lupine, sweet pea, sunflower, peony, poppy, and a collection of meadow flowers. The shells cost a hefty $50 per pack of 4, but hey, nobody said fun was cheap. Also as a disclaimer, if you manage to shoot the seeds onto a person or an animal, the flowers may or may not grow.

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flower shotgun shells

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