by Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Saturday 21 December 2013

When the stray dog and cat population got too much for Brazil’s Caxias do Sul, a humane organization decided to do something about it. This is how the puppy slums were born. This miniature shanty town is ‘an attempt by the animal rights organization’ to ‘care for the beasts that would otherwise be the victims of starvation, disease, and casual cruelty.’

Wanting to build a fully functioning shelter but realizing they didn’t have the money to do so, inspiration was taken from the surrounding city, where 1,000 unadorned units are tightly packed onto the organization’s property. While ‘the furry hooverville is partially subsidized by government funds,’ most of the money helping to keep these animals alive comes from donations. And that goes to provide 13 tons of food every month to feed 1,600 dogs and 200 cats.

Via Atlas Obscura