by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Saturday 21 December 2013

Michael Jackson lives! In impersonator form, anyway. Photographer Lorena Turner’s portrait series The Michael Jacksons, shows just how many MJ impersonators are out there, making a living from the King of Pop. Turner started working on this project shortly after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 ‘after she traveled to Harlem and was captivated by all of the Michael Jackson performers in attendance for his memorial.’

She started her project by placing an ad on Craigslist, where MJs often look for work, and also searched on Facebook and GigSalad. The result? Turner discovered a huge MJ subculture, with lookalikes, impersonators and tribute artists ‘united by their unabiding love for Jackson.’

Check out Lorena Turner’s book, THE MICHAEL JACKSONS.

Via Slate