by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Thursday 19 December 2013

When Luna Coppola was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease back in 2004, she did what any photojournalist would do — document her illness. Needing dialysis treatment when ‘the disease reached its inevitable peak,’ it was then that Luna decided to document her battle. She named her series Connected to Self-life and Re-life, and this collection of photos presents the many moments in her life, ranging from ongoing therapy to the insertion of catheters, and ultimately, a self portrait with her new kidney.

‘I am convinced that via the self-portrait, as a new way of doing photojournalism, I can reveal all the waiting, the exhaustion, and the strength of all those people facing this illness every day’, says Coppola. ‘It is a means by which you testify the reality through emotions rather than by actions.’

Via Huffington Post