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GAN Surfboard rugs by Gandia Blasco

If you’re redecorating and you want your pad to have a beach-themed design, then these surfboard-inspired rugs are a must have! Designed by Gandia Blasco, these unique pieces are made from hand tufted 100% wool and 200% feelings of getting stoked. They also come in two designs: The funboard-shaped Surf Race Indico (which has two colourways, red and blue) and the shortboard-shaped Surf Malibu Atlantico and Surf Malibu Mediterraneo.

These fun and colourful rugs will add some life to your place in no time. Now, all you need is some Beach Boys music and you’re all set. Also, may or may not look out of place in homes situated in freezing, snowy climates.

Via DesignMilk

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