Featured Image for Crave-inducing paintings (or photographs?) of desserts by Luigi Benedicenti

Crave-inducing paintings (or photographs?) of desserts by Luigi Benedicenti

Let’s play a game of Photograph or Painting. Take a look at the images below and make a mental note on what’s a painting and what’s a photograph. I’ll give you a minute. Ok, ready? Uh, all of them are paintings. Yup. Glossy, hyper-realistic paintings by Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti. Various desserts like cupcakes, fruits, and pastries come alive and make our stomachs growl with the artist’s Extreme Realism style influenced by 16th century still-life tradition.

The attention to detail put into the paintings are beyond me. You can see crumbs on the pastries and preservation in the fruits, while the lighting and textures of the different subjects are perfect. Boy, you wouldn’t want one of those paintings hanging around your house when you’re on a diet.

Via Design Taxi

luigi benedicenti
luigi benedicenti 7
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luigi benedicenti
luigi benedicenti
luigi benedicenti

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