Featured Image for An app that lets you clone yourself

An app that lets you clone yourself

Clone Yourself is an app that helps create multiple versions of you in a jiffy. But just to be clear, these clones won’t be there to help you take out the trash or wash the dishes or go on multiple dates with different women at the same time. These clones only exists in your photos.

To clone yourself, you just have to take multiple photos, highlight yourself in each one, and the app will do the rest. It’s a simple but efficient way of integrating time-consuming Photoshop techniques with the click of a button. The free version lets you have a twin, while the pro version lets you have a triplet and a quadruplet. Plus, the app lets you make professional-looking levitation photos. Hmmm, levitation and cloning, are you sure this isn’t named the David Blaine app?

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