by Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Thursday 19 December 2013

These ‘Preena Donnas’ have a reason to feel like just a piece of meat. For Happy Egg’s 2014 Nice Pecks calendar, they’ve gotta strut their stuff for the cameras and hope the photographer captures a real doozy. Organized by free-range egg firm Happy Egg Co., 12 feathery friends were chosen to model for the company’s yearly calendar.

Twelve chooks out of more than 100 birds that auditioned (no, seriously). This photo shoot saw roosters posing as famous movie stars, and the calendar will be sent out ‘to suppliers to entertain their flocks with and keep them at the beak of their powers.’ That’s no joke. Research has found that hens are calmer when in the company of cockerels, so these Nice Pecks calendars are being distributed to ‘enhance their moods.’

Via Mirror UK