Featured Image for At $5 million, the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath just went on sale

At $5 million, the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath just went on sale

File this one under things I’ll never afford. The world’s most expensive Christmas wreath has finally gone on sale. Valued at more than AU$5 million, this 60cm wreath boasts more than 138 carats of rubies and diamonds, while featuring some of the world’s most exclusive flowers and leaves, including helleborus, laurus, lingonberry, and blueberry stems.

This elaborate (and dare I say, gaudy) masterpiece was created by Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter. And while the leaves and flowers will wilt away, if you dare buy this decoration, you’ll at least have precious jewels that can be turned into a ‘bespoke piece of jewelry’.

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