Yes, video stores do still exist! And this is the world’s biggest independent one

Breathe a sigh of relief, folks. Video stores do still exist. And even though the majority of video stores in the U.S. have surrendered to places like Netflix and Redbox, there’s still one video store in Seattle that’s renting out videos like no other. It’s called Scarecrow Video and believe it or not, this place has over 117,000 video titles.

And prices are just as reasonable as ever: new releases are $4.50 for 2 days, catalog titles are $4.50 for 7 days, and if you’re feeling like an old school VCR for watching your favorite 80s movies, Scarecrow will rent you a VCR machine for just $4 per day.

Via Slash Film

Video Store owner
VHS Tapes on Shelf

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