by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography on Wednesday 18 December 2013

You think your corner office or your penthouse had a nice view? Get a load of this. Karim Nafani took photos of his office and posted them online. What’s so special about his office? It’s located 35,000 feet high up in the air. The Dubai-based commercial airline captain and photographer took beautiful panoramic shots of his plane’s cockpit to document his daily routine. With the photos, he hopes to share with the world what life is like for a pilot. ‘I take you far away from skyscrapers and high rise building roof tops this time to somewhere much higher: welcome to my daily office!’ Karim said.

Using his DSLR camera, he uses a technique called ‘exposure bracketing’ to pull off the oil painting look of his photos. He has also branched out into other photography subjects, specifically rooftops and skylines. He says he has developed an interest from what the world looks from above. Below you can also see Karim’s photos of Dubai’s majestic skyline.

Via DailyMail