Video chat with your pet with the PetChatz

Admit it, when you’re on vacation you wish the neighbors would put the phone up to Fido so you can say hello. We know, you’re obsessed with that furry four-legged friend. And a brand new invention may just stop you from missing those pets while you’re away.

Introducing PetChatz. Invented by a Minnesota-based startup, PetChatz is a two-way petcam that ‘enables both owner and pet to connect and interact remotely in a manner similar to Skype or Apple’s FaceTime.’ It retails for around $350 and comes with a ‘chew-proof’ intercom-sized unit with a built-in speakerphone, camera system and interactive LCD screen.

You use an app on your computer or smartphone to chat (which can also be recorded!) and you can even select a special ring tone to signal to your pet that someone’s calling. And this is probably the best thing about PetChatz: you can use the ‘Greet & Treat’ system that rewards your furry pal with tasty treats and even special scents that are kept hidden in a refillable compartment.

Via Smithsonian Magazine

Petchatz product demo
Petchatz product demo
Petchatz product demo

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