by Darwin Cosico in Cool Websites, New Design on Tuesday 17 December 2013

We all know Kanye West. He’s known for his grand exaggerations, notorious statements and comparisons to iconic people throughout history, which include Jesus, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and Jimi Hendrix. Creative Directors in the Adland are apparently known for their big egos. They dismiss hours of work after a brief glance, and some of them are aspiring Don Drapers. Obviously not all of them are egomaniacs.

John Gellos, a New York-based Creative Director from The Concept Farm, has created a new website, Kanye vs Creative Director, poking fun at the stereotype by asking if you can tell between an actual Kanye West quote and an actual Creative Director quote. After completing some of the questions, it looks like Kanye and Creative Directors do share a common bond after all.