by Inigo del Castillo in New Products on Tuesday 17 December 2013

Santa Cthulhu and his Shoggoth are coming to town! Artists Amy L. Rawson and Brian Eats have created a Santa Cthulhu sculpture to replace St. Nick. Because who wants a jolly fat guy who lives with penguins when you can have a huge malevolent cosmic entity entering your home through the chimney at night, right?

Santa Cthulhu is about 11’ tall while his sleigh is 13’ long and’ tall. The shoggoth is 11’ long and 8’ tall. The sculptures are mostly made from wool, but also with other materials like epoxy clay, glass cabochons, and pure evil. And if you have a black light, the characters even glow!

Sadly, they only make one a year and the sculpture sold out quickly. A Christmas without a Santa Cthulhu sculpture? Now that is a gift worse than coal.