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Art you can only see through negatives

If you thought drawing was hard, try making an inverted artwork. Brian Lai, a young artist from Malaysia, has created illustrations of X-Men characters. It kind of looks weird when you look at it. The illustrations look just like a bunch of smudges on paper. But apply a filter to invert the colours, and your mouth will drop.

With the inverted image, you see a photorealistic portrait of Wolverine and friends. Can you imagine the attention to detail and the keen sense of sight this kind of artwork requires? Simply amazing!

UPDATE: We interviewed the ‘Invert Art’ artist, Brian Lai! Read on for a sneak peek of our little chat with the talented student-artist.

How did you discover this technique of inverting images to look like a film negative?

When I was around 13, one of my friends took a photo of his signature (sign on white paper). Then, she inverted the colour (The signature became white and the paper became black). I didn’t discover this method at the time, but I was amazed by this technique.

After 7 years, I was sent to The One Academy Penang, Malaysia (College) and studied drawing/digital animation. Last August, I remember the inverted effect that my friend did, and the idea came suddenly. I asked myself: “What if I put this effect to my drawings?” This is how I discovered this kind of drawing technique.

Via MyModernMet

brian lai inverted artwork

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