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Dad illustrates weird things he said because of his kids

Fatherhood is an amazing and weird stage in a man’s life. Actually, more on the weird part than the amazing part. As proof that fatherhood can be bizarre, designer Nathan Ripperger documents the hilarious and strange things he’s said because of his children in a series of illustrations.

Initially, Nathan only designed the posters for himself, but when it became popular on BuzzFeed, he had to open up shop on Etsy to appease the masses. Guess many fathers feel the same and say the same weird things?

Via Bored Panda

Stop riding that penguin were leaving
Don't lick my arm
Get that toliet seat off your head
What are you doing?
Did you put honey on your brother's head?
Yup, that sword is wet
Top That
He's your brother not a pull toy
No. The leprechaun is staying in my pocket.

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