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Mumukshu Bhawan: India’s ‘Hotel of Death’

The gateway to salvation, if you’ve been looking for it, is in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state, in the holy city of Varanasi. Dying here, according to Hindu belief, is supposed to ‘break the cycle of death and rebirth. Once one dies in Varanasi, he or she is never reborn, and thus attains salvation.’.

Hotels and lodgings have crowded the city, with one such place called Mumukshu Bhawan (Home of the Ailing), which was established in 1920. This is where the elderly come to settle, and ultimately die.

‘More than 300 people stay in Mumukshu and most of them are above 60’, says the manager, Manish Pandey. ‘In Varanasi death is not mourned but considered a blessing’.

Via Aljazeera

Death hotel visitor
Death hotel
Death hotel

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