by Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Friday 13 December 2013

Can’t get over an ex? Try designing a shoe collection with each pair representing that past love. This is exactly what Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz did, and you can take a look at his 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers collection right here. ‘Ice Queen’ Sophie inspired an icicle design heel, while ‘Honey’ Natasha’s namesake heel looks like a giant honeycomb—we’re guessing she didn’t cross him too much.

‘Gold Digger’ Alison gets no love from Errazuriz with a golden sculptured design and ‘Cry Baby’ Alexandra seems to have inspired the designer to construct a shoe that looks remarkably like spilled milk.

This gets me thinking what kind of shoe my ex would design for me. It’s probably better I don’t know!

Via My Modern Met