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Video game inspired cakes

Birthdays and weddings are special events that deserve cakes that embody the personality of the celebrants. So while there are Disney Princess cakes, Dora the Explorer cakes, and *shudder* Miley Cyrus cakes, there are some that are on the geeky side. You know the celebrant is a true gamer when they top their dessert with Mario and Princess Peach or Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (The game, not the movie. Yuck.)

Check out more fun video game-themed cakes here. Also, a bit unrelated but still worth mentioning, wouldn’t it be cool if you gave your friend a Game of Thrones Red Wedding-inspired cake ON HER WEDDING? Geekgasm.

video game-inspired cakes
video game-inspired cakes
video game-inspired cakes
video game-inspired cakes

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